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Most home remedies for toothaches due to a dental problem only provide temporary relief, it is advisable to visit the dentist at the earliest for a permanent cure.

Clove oil or cloves are the most widely used and easily available home remedy for toothache.  Clove oil contains eugenol which is a pain killer and has antibacterial properties. Small bottles of clove oil are available with most chemists and are also used by dentists for treatment. Cloves can also be used, but pieces of the clove can get stuck in the cavity causing further pain.

A small ball of cotton should be dipped in the clove oil and placed near the affected tooth. The pain will subside for some time. It is not advisable to go to sleep, using this pain relief method. Clove oil can cause a burning sensation in the mouth and can damage sensitive skin. People with diabetes and children should not use large quantities of  clove oil, as it could be harmful for their health.

Toothaches are usually more painful at night because of the increased pressure on the head. By keeping the head elevated using pillows, the toothache can be reduced. Over the counter pain relievers like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen can be used to reduce the pain. Aspirin should not used if a person has a history of ulcers as it may increase bleeding during dental treatment. Gels containing benzocaine can also be applied.

An ice compress can numb the affected tooth and reduce the pain. Antiseptic and antibacterial products like mouthwash, garlic , salt water kill the bacteria in the mouth and reduce the toothache. Rinsing the affected area with a hot saltwater mouthwash will help if the pain is caused by an erupting tooth or mouth ulcer.

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