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Stomach pain or bellyache may be caused due to a problem in the organs in the abdominal region. The main organs in the abdomen are the digestive system consisting of the stomach, small and large intestines, the liver, the gall bladder , pancreas, the appendix and the kidney.  Minor problems like gastroenteritis can cause severe pain, while fatal illnesses like cancer may cause only mild pain. We have discussed some of the common causes of stomach pain and home remedies.

Gastroenteritis or stomach flu is the most common cause of  stomach pain. It is the inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused by a virus, which can also cause diarrhea and flu. It is also caused by food poisoning, drinking contaminated water or excess alcohol. Food poisoning is due to some "bad" bacteria in the food eaten. If everyone who has eaten food with you has the same symptoms of stomach pain within 8 hours of the meal, your stomach pain is due to food poisoning. Fish, meat and mayonnaise are common foods which cause food poisoning.

Children , elderly people and those with a weak immune system are most likely to suffer from gastroenteritis. The virus is found in contaminated food and water and symptoms occur within 4 to 48 hours of consumption of the infected food. Rotavirus and Norwalk virus are the leading cause of  stomach flu. The Hepatitis A virus will also cause abdominal pain in the liver area and the nails will become yellow, but it is relatively rare

A peptic ulcer is a lesion formed on the mucous membrane of the stomach and small intestine. The symptoms of a peptic ulcer are a a burning pain which is relieved by taking antacids or having a small meal. It can be caused by a bacterial infection  or repeated use of drugs like aspirin and other non-steroidal  anti-inflammatory medicines. Stress does not cause ulcers, but can make it worse.

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