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Repetitive strain injury

Repetitive strain injury prevention

Repetitive strain injury treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome


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Prevention of  Repetitive Stress Injury due to computer or typing use. Treatment at later stages is difficult.

Check and make sure your workstation and seating position are correct. Ergonomic working conditions and good posture can help prevent repetitive stress injury.

If  the keyboard or mouse are faulty , get them replaced immediately. Repeat clicks will only damage your body.

Pay attention to pain and fatigue. Stop using the computer as soon as you begin to feel symptoms.

Learn a systematic muscle-relaxation technique such as diaphragmatic breathing, qigong, or progressive muscle relaxation to help keep neck and shoulder muscles relaxed. 

Do not rest the wrists directly on the table or use a foam support to rest the wrists on when typing. Hold  them straight instead of bending.

Stretch  the muscles of the hand, arm and wrist, giving them a workout both before and after working

Do not sit in the same position and work continuously for longer than 20 minutes without taking a short break. A reminder software will help.

Using relaxation techniques or yoga , can reduce the stress levels and chances of being affected by RSI.

Ensure that you are in good overall health, so that the muscles in the affected area are strong and there is proper blood circulation

Shoulder and neck muscles should remain relaxed using a muscle relaxation technique.
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