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Repetitive strain injury

Repetitive strain injury prevention

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Carpal tunnel syndrome


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Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is common among people who spend many hours daily using  computers or any other activity which involves repeated use of  the muscles of the hands, arms, shoulders and  wrists. Repetitive strain injury is used to describe a number of  medical disorders which may be  interrelated.
These include

Carpal tunnel syndrome  (not very common among computer users)

DeQuervain's syndrome
Intersection syndrome
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS)
Stenosing tenosynovitis
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Trigger finger/thumb
Ulnar nerve entrapment

Overuse of the muscles, tendons and nerves of the upper limbs - hands, wrists, arms or shoulders on a repeated and, usually, daily basis, causes injury to these muscles. Since people continue with their daily activities, the resulting inflammation does not get a chance to recover. Poor body posture also contributes to RSI.  By spending time playing handheld,  mobile phones or computer games , the chances of  RSI increase. A person under stress is also more likely to damage muscles and suffer from RSI.


Since RSI is caused by repetitive damage, it usually takes several years before a person starts experiencing discomfort and pain .


People often ignore the slight ache they experience initially . They may feel a slight pain while lying in bed.


Recurring pain or soreness in neck, shoulders, upper back, wrists or hands.

 As the damage increases, a person may  experience increased pain while performing tasks like typing. As it becomes severe, the patient experiences pain almost continuously , even without any movement.

If the affected person experiences numbness and tingling, it becomes difficult to hold any object. There is a loss of grip strength, lack of endurance, weakness, fatigue.


Note: Since I am experiencing the initial symptoms of  RSI, please post any suggestions on our wellness forum


Repetitive strain injury prevention         Repetitive strain injury treatment


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