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Toothaches can be prevented by ensuring that the gums and teeth remain healthy. The dental care routine should include brushing, control of diet and regular dental checkups.

Regular brushing and flossing of teeth helps prevent tooth decay. Brushing removes bacteria and food particles which are lodged in the mouth. Ideally All tooth surfaces should be brushed and this takes at least 2-3 minutes. Using dental floss regularly, will reduce tooth decay, since the food and plaque in the spaces between the teeth are removed. Flossing will also improve the health of the gums.

The teeth should be brushed twice a day  with a fluoride containing toothpaste. Studies have shown that fluoride prevents the formation of  cavities. It also prevents existing cavities from becoming bigger and in some cases, reverses newly formed cavities.  In many countries, fluoride is added to the drinking water by local government authorities. 

Mouthwashes reduce the number of  bacteria in the saliva , but only for a short time. Sugar free gum should be used to increase the production of  saliva. Saliva neutralizes the acids produced due to the breakdown of carbohydrates and enzymes in the saliva clear the bacteria in the mouth. The damage caused to the enamel of  the teeth by acids in the food is repaired by the saliva. The larger the gap between meals, the greater the time available for the saliva to repair the damage to the tooth enamel.

Cavities can be avoided by reducing sugary food and beverages in your diet. Also avoid drinking carbonated drinks, since acids in the drinks attack the tooth enamel. Processed  foods like peanut butter stick to the teeth and are to be avoided. These foods are not removed from the mouth by chewing and swallowing, so you drink water after you eat these foods.   Fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains are good for dental health. Raw apples clean the teeth.

Visit a dentist regularly, usually once in six months, so that any dental problem is diagnosed at  the early stage and is treated quickly. During middle age, gum diseases are common, so regular dental checkups are required.

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