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Since wearing mental dental braces can be embarrassing, adults prefer to wear clear aligners made from plastic for moving their teeth to the required position. Invisalign is the main manufacturer of  these braces. These braces are usually more expensive than the metal braces, which are used by children and teenagers.

The invisible braces are custom made for an individual using a 3-D model of your teeth. A 3-D imaging computer produces the treatment plan and the orthodontist only monitors the fit of the  braces. The braces gradually move the teeth to the desired position. The aligners are made so that they will shift tooth positions over a 2 week interval, after which new aligners are fitted.

Since they are transparent, they are not visible to other people. Unlike metal braces which cut the mouth tissues, these braces can be worn comfortably. Usually fewer visits to the orthodontist are required if "invisible" braces are worn.

Invisible braces have to be removed while eating food, brushing and cleaning the teeth. The mouth and the braces has to be cleaned before wearing them again. This can be time consuming, especially if a person snacks often or eats more than 3 meals a day.  However, this may also help the person lose weight .  Some people find it difficult to remove the braces before eating.

Wearing invisible braces can be slightly painful initially. Some people develop a slight lisp initially after wearing these braces. If the person suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding) , the aligners may get damaged. Initially, a lot of saliva will be produced in the mouth . The pressure on the teeth could be uncomfortable.  Mouth ulcers / canker sores may form on the cheek. After a week, most users get used to the braces.  

Depending on the condition of the teeth invisible braces have to be worn for a period of a few months to a few years. It is advisable to get quotes both online and by visiting an orthodontist's office before making a decision. Students can get a discount and dental schools will make braces at a lower price.

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