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Bruxism is the grinding or clenching of teeth , often involuntarily . The pressure on the teeth is much greater when a person sleeps at night. Both children and adult  grind their teeth to some extent, but in severe cases, it can cause damage to the teeth.


Symptoms and damage caused by bruxism are:

1. Worn teeth enamel , exposing the dentine in your teeth. This dentine is sensitive to cold and hot fluids, resulting in increased teeth sensitivity.

2.  Broken or chipped teeth. In some cases, tiny fractures may be visible. For broken teeth, root canal may be required at a later stage.

3. The sound of teeth grinding or clenching may be heard

4. Bites on inner cheek or tongue

5.Jaw pain, earache or headache.

6.In some cases, the teeth may become shorter and loose in the socket.


The cause of bruxism is not fully understood. Some of  the possible reasons are:

1. Psychological factors like  stress, anger, frustration and an aggressive personality

2. Misalignment of  the upper and lower teeth

3. Bruxism is found in 30% of  the children,  because of  pain, tension, teething problems  and mental ailments


In many cases, children outgrow bruxism and it does not cause much damage in adults. However, if it causes severe problems, it is treated by

1. Reducing stress levels by using relaxation techniques like meditation and  exercise

2. Limiting the intake of  caffeine, tobacco and alcohol, which are stimulants

3. Nightguards may be used to reduce the damage caused by bruxism. A nightguard is usually made from acrylic and prevents the teeth from coming together at night.

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