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 Most back pain is temporary and can be treated without any expensive medication or surgery. By taking simple precautions, patients are able to prevent recurrence of  back pain.

1. Apply a hot water bottle, heating pad or a warm compress to the painful area of the back. Soaking in warm water bath for 15 minutes will also help. The warmth will help the muscles relax and reduce the pain.

2. Apply an icepack to the affected area. This will make the area numb and reduce the pain. It will also prevent inflammation. Sometimes alternating a warm compress and an icepack will reduce the pain faster.

3. Exercises like walking which do not put much strain on the back help reduce the pain. Swimming will help build the muscles which support the back. Bed rest is not advisable for back ache, but avoid strenuous activities which can aggravate the problem.

4. Massaging the back muscles by applying pressure will reduce the pain by improving the blood circulation in the affected area.

5. Braces, corsets and back belts provide warmth and some support to the back. However they should be used for a short time only, since the muscles may waste away if used for a  long time. Use a girdle while exercising to protect the back.

6. Avoid stretching too much while doing any work. Do not stand with a bent back and avoid carry heavy loads while shopping or performing your daily activities.

If  the back pain does not reduce after a few weeks, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Back pain

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