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Ache is defined as a continuous dull pain in any part of the body.  The brain registers pain when something is damaged or has gone wrong.  Pain is an alarm signal  to the body  to stop the current activity or take alternative action. Pain is a more general term and can be of a short or long duration. The pain during aches can reduced through  relaxation, exercise and doing activities you enjoy.

Aches and pain

» Joint pain   

» Natural remedies for joint pain

» Knee surgery - knee replacement and knee implants

» Stress fracture

» Back pain

» Remedies for back pain

» Stomach pain

» Home remedies for stomach ache

» Headache               

» Cramps

» Toothache            

» Home remedies for toothache

» Broken, fractured tooth

» Mouth ulcers, canker sores

» Preventing cavities and toothaches

» Bruxism, teeth grinding or clenching

» Dental or orthodontic braces     » Invisible braces (Invisalign)

» Wisdom teeth

» Bad breath

» Earache



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